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A Distorting Mirror: Major Media Coverage of Americans’ Tax Policy Preferences

Over the last four decades, Americans have consistently told pollsters that they favor higher taxes on business and the wealthy, even as tax policy has moved sharply in the other direction.

Corporate Scandals and Regulation

Are regulatory interventions delayed reactions to market failures or can regulators proactively pre-empt corporate misbehavior?

The Price of a Vote: Evidence from France, 1993-2014

Money in politics is not a strictly American phenomenon. In France, despite strong campaign finance laws, campaign donations have a direct influence on legislative and municipal election results.

Lending a Hand: How Small Black Businesses Supported the Civil Rights Movement

A large literature has detailed the seminal roles played in the Civil Rights Movement by activists, new political organizations, churches, and philanthropies. But black-owned businesses also provided a behind-the-scenes foundation for the movement’s success.

$MeToo: The Economic Cost of Sexual Harassment
To get justice, targets must show measurable harm: economists can help.
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