Webinar series: The end of the commodity boom - dynamics of adjustment in Latin America

A webinar series organized by the YSI Latin America Working Group

Apr 13–May 4, 2016 Download .ics

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The YSI Latin America Working Group is hosting a webinar series on the recent macroeconomic development facing the continent.

The YSI Latin America and Caribbean Working Group presents the webinar series “The end of the commodity boom: dynamics of adjustment in Latin America”


14 April - Alicia Girón (UNAM) “Deja vu in Latin America. Commodities and what are the alternatives for a sustainable economic development with equity?” (TIME: 11:00 EDT)

21 April - Martin Rapetti (CEDES, CONICET and University of Buenos Aires) “Is Argentina facing an unavoidable adjustment?” (TIME: 11:00 EDT)

28 April - Fernando Rugitsky (USP) “Growth, distribution, and crisis in Brazil”. (TIME: 11:00 EDT)

5 May - Sebastián Valdecantos (ECLAC/UN) “Good-bye commodity boom, hello (again) external constraint? The cases of Peru and Chile”. (TIME: 11:00 EDT)

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The webinar series is organized by Daniel Munevar Sastre and Marcos Reis

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