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World Economic Roundtable

The World Economy’s Growing Debt Burden

Nov 2, 2016 | 16:00 – 17:30 Download .ics

The Institute for New Economic Thinking | New York City

The World Economic Roundtable seeks to help the business, investment, and policy communities understand ongoing changes in the world economy and to promote a discussion of ideas that can advance the goal of a widely shared global prosperity.

Upcoming Session:

The World Economy’s Growing Debt Burden

A conversation with Richard Vague, Managing Partner at Gabriel Investments and Chairman of the Governor’s Woods Foundation.

Author of The Next Economic Disaster, Richard will discuss his latest work on the global debt overhang and how private debt is holding back economic growth in nearly all of the world's major economies. He will also share his latest research on the deleveraging experiences of countries since World War II and what these experiences suggest as various economies all try to work their way out of growth-stifling debt overhangs. 

By design, this will be a small Roundtable with limited seating for participants. To attend, please contact us below:

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About the World Economic Roundtable

The bursting of the American credit bubble in 2008 set in motion a rolling world economic crisis that has moved from America’s financial markets to the Euro-zone and now to China and the emerging economies. This chain of economic developments has brought with it unprecedented policy challenges and has drawn into question the process of globalization itself. The mission of the World Economic Roundtable is two-fold:

  1. to help the business, investment, media, policy and public interest communities better understand the far-reaching changes in the world economy that are resulting from the crisis and from the policy responses to it; and
  2. to advance policy reform ideas that will help lift the world economy out of stagnation and lay the foundations for the next generation of a more widely shared global prosperity.

Founded in 2011, the World Economic Roundtable has sought to “remap” the world economy by exploring the changing patterns of global trade, investment, and employment following the Great Recession. The Roundtable has brought together thought leaders from business, finance, public policy, and academia to discuss critical questions affecting the global economy. The Institute for New Economic Thinking joined New America NYC as a partner of the World Economic Roundtable in 2016. Building on the work of its initial years, World Economic Roundtable will pursue in 2016 a program of discussion and engagement with the world’s business, policy and investment communities that will highlight the best thinking on the ongoing world economic crisis and how to move from stagnation to healthy economic growth.

Event location

Institute for New Economic Thinking
300 Park Avenue South, 5th Floor 
E 22nd St and Park Ave S
New York City

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