Dennis J. Snower


Dennis J. Snower is President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and Professor of Economics at the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel.

Dennis J. Snower earned a BA and MA from New College, Oxford University, an MA and a PhD at Princeton University. Prior to becoming President of the Kiel Institute, he was Professor of Economics at Birkbeck College, University of London.

He is an expert on labor economics, public policy and inflation-unemployment tradeoffs. He originated the “insider-outsider” theory of employment and unemployment with Assar Lindbeck, the theory of “high-low search” with Steve Alpern, and the “chain reaction theory of unemployment” and the theory of “frictional growth” with Marika Karanassou and Hector Sala. He has published extensively on employment policy, the design of welfare systems, and monetary and fiscal policy.

He has been a visiting professor at Columbia, Princeton, Dartmouth, Harvard, the European University Institute, Stockholm University, and the Vienna Institute of Advanced Studies. Furthermore, he has advised a variety of international organizations and national governments on macroeconomic policy, employment policy and welfare state policy.

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-varn6-Caring Economics

-varn7-Paper -varn9-Conference paper | | Apr 2015 -varn13-

-varn14- Caring Economics is about a new way of thinking about human prosperity. In mainstream economics, prosperity is a matter of consumption, income and wealth. By contrast, Caring Economics conceives of prosperity in terms of deeper sources of durable human wellbeing.

-varn6-Reflexivity Between Micro and Macroeconomics

-varn7-Article | Feb 10, 2015 -varn13-


-varn6-Addressing the Crisis in the Euro Zone System

-varn7-Paper -varn9-Conference paper | | Apr 2013 -varn13-

-varn14- The reason why the Euro zone crisis has dragged on for so long is that Europe’s leaders have focused too much on short-term measures to patch up the emergency of the moment, rather than formulating a comprehensive plan.

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-varn14- The Global Economic Symposium (GES) is an annual conference organized by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy that seeks to create solutions to address the most pressing global problems. YSI has a long-standing relationship with GES and gives young scholars the chance to participate as YSI delegates.

-varn6-The Euro Crisis - The German Perspective

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-varn14- Kiel Institute President Dennis Snower talks about the euro zone crisis