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James Boyce Wins 2016 Leontief Award for Work on Environmental Inequality

Article | Oct 11, 2016

Institute grantee Boyce cited for integrating ‘ecological, developmental and justice-oriented approaches’ into economics

Congratulations to Economics Nobel Laureates Hart and Holmström

Article | Oct 10, 2016

Economists honored for their work on contract theory, which has important implications for issues such as executive compensation that have been a focus of Institute research

Johnson: The Fed is losing its aura of expertise

Article | Sep 30, 2016

Past failures, present uncertainty, and a challenging political environment have vastly complicated the central bank’s task, says Institute President Rob Johnson

New Evidence Shows Gender Inequality in Top Incomes

Article | Sep 29, 2016

Research by INET grantees Atkinson, Casarico and Voitchovsky shows that women are starkly underrepresented in top earning brackets across a range of different countries