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-varn6-Debating Household Debt

-varn7-Article | Mar 8, 2017 -varn13-

-varn14- INET grantee JW Mason has been engaged in an important debate with the Financial Times’ Matthew Klein over the relationship of household debt to income inequality

-varn6-Jayadev: TPP is Dead, but its Legacy Lives On

-varn7-Article | Feb 10, 2017 -varn13-

-varn14- Institute scholar Arjun Jayadev argues that while TPP is dead, its damaging legacy on intellectual property rights is likely to shape future bilateral trade agreements

-varn6-Is Inequality a Political Choice?

-varn7-Article | Feb 3, 2017 -varn13-

-varn14- Research by INET-affiliated scholars shows the US lags far behind its peers on inclusive growth, suggesting inequality is not an inevitable consequence of globalization and technology

-varn6-Johnson: Elites Eying the Exits Signals America's Crisis

-varn7-Article | Jan 23, 2017 -varn13-

-varn14- Institute President Rob Johnson interviewed by the New Yorker on hedge-fund managers and the market for air strips in New Zealand