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-varn6-INET's Turner Warns Against 'Fantasy' of Stimulating Economies Through Financial Deregulation

-varn7-Article | Jan 5, 2017 -varn13-

-varn14- There is no good case for major deregulation of the US financial sector, warns INET Board Chairman Adair Turner, and any backsliding by a Trump administration on banks’ capital requirements instituted globally after 2008 will be very dangerous

-varn6-Inequality in the United States: A Darkening Horizon

-varn7-Article | Dec 19, 2016 -varn13-

-varn14- Institute for New Economic Thinking-backed research into inequality explores how taxes and government policy have contributed to deepening economic inequality   

-varn6-Heckman Study: Investment in Early Childhood Education Yields Substantial Gains for the Economy

-varn7-Article | Dec 12, 2016 -varn13-

-varn14- New research by Nobel Laureate and Institute for New Economic Thinking Advisory Board member James Heckman finds strong economic gains from birth-to-five education programs 

-varn6-Stiglitz: Democratic Party Needs New Economic Thinking

-varn7-Article | Dec 4, 2016 -varn13-

-varn14- Nobel laureate argues that the party’s adherence to neoliberal orthodoxy has hurt its prospects